Throwing Mechanics How to Throw Harder

Baseball Throwing Mechanics

Learning the proper techniques and mechanics is the key to improving your velocity. Baseball is a game of details and athleticism. If you can figure out how to use your lower body and mix it with your upper body, you will have a chance to throw super hard.

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How to Throw a Baseball Harder

Setting the Foundation

The base throwing position.

You should really practice getting yourself in the base throwing position every time you get ready to throw. This helps establish a framework for success – accuracy and arm strength.

If you want to know how to throw a baseball harder, then you need to know how the legs work with the core all tied in with your arm.

Once you learn the basics, you will be on your way to throwing with velocity and with accuracy.

The base throwing position is an athletic stance. It is having your legs just outside your shoulders. No more narrow, no more wider.

This establishes a stance where you should feel powerful and ready to shift your weight at any moment. That’s key because in baseball, you need to get rid of the ball fast, especially if you’re playing in the infield.

Core Strength

Having abdominal torque and power is a huge component of the baseball throwing mechanics. You should try to understand how your hips can generate power to the core. Then, your arm just goes along for the ride.

There’s no denying that many pro baseball players are born with exceptional arm talent. However, many of them have also really worked at it. They understand the fundamentals and mechanics of proper throwing.

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Preventing Injury

The last thing you want to do is have an arm injury that will take you out of the game or your season. Take caution and take care of your wing.

This is called arm care. Properly ice and elevate after throwing so you can be ready to go the next day. It’s also nice to get into a routine, or habit of doing that on a daily basis – even if you didn’t throw that day. Make sure you have the proper equipment. Check out our baseball equipment blog for more information

What’s Next?

Hopefully you got some great information with this article. Now, go out and do some research to find out even more. Be a student of the game. Learn from professionals who are giving away information like this for free. Take advantage of every opportunity you can so you can accomplish your dreams and goals.

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